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Trademark Registration

Protect your Brand from copycats by getting your business’s Trademark Registration.



The Trademark registration is govern by Trade Mark Act, 1999, Trademark means a Mark which is capable of distinguishing/ differentiate the goods and services of one person from those of others. Trademark registration is a registration of your brand or logo or label or unique mark. By trademark registration you will get protection that your mark will not be copied by any other person.

Mark includes a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, shape of goods, packaging or combination of colours or any combination thereof.


  1. Protection from copy cats:- Once your brand or logo is registered no one can copy the same brand name or Mark and use it.
  1. Validity for 10 years:- Trademark is registered for 10 years at a time. Therefore no fee you have to pay to use it for 10 years.
  1. Provide exclusive right to the owner to use logo or brand name:- The owner of logo or brand name has exclusive right to use the registered brand name or logo or mark.
  1. Legal Protection / Proceedings against copy cats:- We can legally stop the person who are copying our logo or brand name under Trademark Act, 1999.
  1. Easy to Renew:- The procedure for renewal of trademark is very easy and simple. Renewal of trademark will arise after 10 years.
  1. Use of Symbol: – After trademark registration you have exclusive right to use symbol at top corner of your registered brand name or logo.
  1. Build Trust and Goodwill among customers:- Trademark Registration will build trust and goodwill among your customers and help to grow your business.


  1. Individual/Sole Proprietor
  2. Startups
  3. Small Enterprises
  4. Others i.e The Company, LLP, Trust, Partnership Firm etc.


To file an application for trademark registration (Form TM-A) in case of a Proprietorship or Company registered in India, we required the following documents/information:-

     Proprietorship      Company


Brand Name to whom you want to register


Brand Name to whom you want to register


Logo of brand name in JPEG Format


Logo of brand name in JPEG Format


GST Registration Certificate, if available Certification of Incorporation /Registration Certificate of the company


Mobile No


GST Registration Certificate, if available
Email Id


Mobile No


Whether you are already using the brand       name/Logo or it’s proposed to be use?


Email Id


Identity Proof (PAN Card) and Address           Proof of the Proprietor Whether you are already using the brand name/Logo or it’s proposed to be used?


Identity Proof (PAN Card) and Address Proof of the director to whom company authorised to file an application on behalf of the company


 Government Fees:-

In case of Proprietor/MSME/Startups:- The Government fees will be Rs.4500/- per class.

In case of Company/LLP/Partnership firm:- The Government fees will be Rs.9,000/- per class

Kindly note:- In case Company/LLP/Partnership firm is registered under Startup and MSME then concession of 50% in Government fees will be availalble. Therefore the government fees will be only 4,500/- per class

 We are Registered Trademark Agent with license for following services:

  • Trademark Application
  • Reply to Examination Report or objection.
  • Correction of any clerical error or any other kind of error or mistake done in trademark application.
  • Attending hearing or represent at Trademark Government department.
  • Filing of counter-reply for objection raised by the third party.

What you will get?:

  • Trademark Registration Certificate (Appx in 6 -8 Months)


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