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Company Closure

In order to close your company or shut down your existing business, you needs to get it closed with concerned Governmental department.

Let’s get started with a quick Company closure online in a easy and simplified way.

Government fee for company closure is INR 10,000


Closure of Business (having trouble, lets wrap up easily):-

To shut down a business operation, a due procedure is required to be follow.

  • Application for striking off the name of company /LLP.
  • Application for Voluntary Winding up of the Company.

Pre-Conditions for filing application of Strike off:

  1. All liabilities must be extinguished.
  2. Company has not been carrying on any business or operation for a period of two immediately preceding financial years.
  3. Company has not made any application within such period for obtaining the status of a dormant company.
  4. Prior approval: by special resolution or with the consent of seventy five per cent of the members in terms of paid up share capital required.
  5. Prior approval: in the case of a company regulated under a special Act (i.e. RBI), approval of the regulatory body constituted or established under that Act.
  6. Following documents to be prepared:-
    1. CTC of Board Resolution.
    2. Notice and explanatory statement of EGM.
  • CTC of Special Resolution passed by members in EGM.
  1. STK-3: Indemnity Bond.
  2. STK-4: Affidavit.
  3. STK-8: Statement of Accounts.
  • Approval from the regulatory authority under which company regulated.

Procedure for filing application for strike off of the name of the company from the register of companies

  • Conduct a Board Meeting U/s 173 for calling an EGM and pass a board resolution to that effect.
  • Issue a Notice for calling EGM.
  • Take approval the requisite special resolution or with the consent of seventy five per cent of the members in terms of paid up share capital required.
  • Prepare STK-3: Indemnity Bond, STK-4: Affidavit, STK-8: Statement of Accounts
  • File an application in E-form STK-2 with Registrar of Companies suo-motto.
  • Registrar shall, on receipt of such application, cause a public notice to be issued in the prescribed manner.
  • After due procedure, the name of the company get struck off from the records of the registrar of companies.


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