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Share Capital Change

We are registered professional for providing Share Capital Change service and will ensure timely compliances on behalf of the company and Management .



    • Increasing of Authorised Capital.


    If you are facing obstacles in your business due to inadequacy of funds and you want to expand your business that you can go with the expansion of authorized capital of company.  Before commencing the procedure for the increasing authorized share capital, verify the AOA of the company whether AOA is giving authorization for increase in authorized capital or not if not then first need to alter the AOA.

    Documents Checklists:-

    • Verify AOA of the Company;
    • Approval of Shareholders;
    • Filing of prescribed forms with the ROC.
  • Issue/ Allot/ Transfer of Shares, Debenture and other securities.

If you intend to induce more capital in your company or want to issue fresh shares, then right issue of shares would be the best option for this. Right issue of shares is an option to you to raise funds by offering shares to existing members in proportion to their existing shareholding.

Documents Checklist:-

  • Approval of BOD for right issue;
  • Approval of BOD for allotment of shares;
  • Issue of share certificates;
  • Filing of prescribed forms with the ROC.


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