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Company Registration

Register a company

If you want to start your own business or expand your business by registering a new company/LLP in India, get it started.
We will ensure timely legal compliances of the proposed company/LLP and file required forms and returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), or any other statutory authorities.

steps to be followed



Name reservation Application

Filing of name reservation application with the following details:-

  • Apply two proposed names of the Company
  • Main activity code as per business of proposed Company
  • Object and activity of proposed Company


Incorporation form Filing SPICE+ After approval of name

Filing of SPICE+ form with the following details:-

  • Detail of registered office of the proposed Company
  • Detail of shareholders and directors of the Company
  • Detail of authorised and paid up capital of the Company
  • Detail of no. of share hold by each shareholder.


Get Certificate of Incorporation

After approval of SPICE+ form , we will get Certificate of Registration. The details mentioned in Certificate of Registration

  • Certificate of Incorporation (CIN No.)
  • PAN No.
  • TAN No.

Start with a Company Name Search

Company Name Availability Check

Company Name availability Check

Features & Benefits

Why you need to Register a Company?

Government Recognition

A Company is eligible for Government Recognition and various benefits are available to a Company.

Separate Legal Entity

A Company is different from its members and a Company can sue any other person and be sued from any person.


No Minimum capital Requirement

There is no burden of arranging capital to register a company in India. 

Limited Liability

The shareholder’s liability towards the company’s debts are limited to the share held by them. Therefore the shareholders are safe and secure.

Public Funding for the business

A public company can raise funds from the public & shareholders.

Free Transferability of shares

The shareholders of the company are free to transfer their shares to another existing shareholder or other person.

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